We're not trying to change the world,
Just the way you sell cars.
A Business Intelligence TOOL FOR YOUR DEALERSHIP
CRMSuite completely transforms conventional CRM thinking by pairing ease-of-use functionality with cutting edge technology, giving your dealership a competitive edge. Through the use of artificial intelligence and social media activities CRMSuite becomes a business intelligence tool, providing an intuitive smart technology that eliminates traditional action plans and lineated work flows. Rather than guess, CRMSuite knows when your customers are available and how to contact them. Knowing when and how makes your salespeople’s contact attempts much more effective and increases their connectivity with your customers. CRMSuite, delivering the when and how, and providing your managers the data to find more car deals.
Activity Focus
We took the guess work out of connectivity. With the Activity Focus Algorithm, your salespeople know when and how to connect with your customers. Efficient and effective communication at the right time, on the right medium, produces more customer interaction!
Social Data
Times have changed. Today’s informed, socially connected buyers do not respond to traditional selling methods. More and more people are communicating through social media, especially Millennials. CRMSuite utilizes social data within its Activity Focus Algorithm to help your salesperson engage with your customer. Saving time and saving the dealership money.
Auto Pencil
When penciling deals, speed matters. Speeding up the negotiation process improves CSI and helps you hold gross. AutoPencil delivers both with multi-payment grids, Manufacturer’s Rates and Residual information, and multi-channel communication, all just a click away. Fast, efficient, accurate…AutoPencil delivers!
Limitless Analytics
View your data from every angle. CRMSuite provides powerful reporting and analytics measuring every activity, in one store or across multiple rooftops, with a completely customizable bird’s eye view. See productivity at a glance or drill down where you need to in order to find additional car deals and training opportunities.
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CRMSuite is the only CRM with Activity Focus. A revolutionary way to use your data to connect with your customer.

All customers are not created equal... Get the competitive edge, be more efficient and eliminate the "one size fits all" mentality!

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